Spring Recital

The first week of June, all of our students perform solo pieces, showing the culmination of their year’s work. It is always so much fun to see the improvement since their first performance in the fall.

This year our Spring Recital was on:

  • Thursday, June 7, 2018
  • 6:30 pm
  • Southminster – Steinhauer United Church, 10740 19 Ave NW, Edmonton

Admission by donation

Come hear children aged 4 – 18 play beautiful music on flutes and recorders.

Here are some highlights from the dress rehearsal – excited for the concert!!

Groups & Grads March 22, 2018

Groups & Grads 2015 at Stanley Milner Library Theatre

This concert is the showcase concert of the year for our program. It features solo performances of students who are celebrating completion of a book level, and group performances from the ensembles who have been rehearsing in their group classes all year.

This year Groups & Grads will be in the atrium at City Hall on March 22, 2018

Concert starts at 6:30 pm – students should arrive by 6:00 pm for set up and tuning.

Admission is free! Bring a friend!

Groups & Grads 2017 at City Hall

Groups & Grads 2016 – check out the bass recorder and bass flute!

Click here for more information about the ESFRS book level graduation program.

Flûte Alors!

Flûte Alors! is a dynamic recorder quartet from Montréal. They passed through Edmonton on Wednesday, February 21, and we are grabbed  them as they went by for an amazing evening of concerts and classes!


5:00 – 6:00 pm: Masterclass / Workshop for young recorder players

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm CONCERT! Bach ’n’ Jazz

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm: Masterclass / Workshop for adult recorder players

All events were at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church,  9155 79 Ave, Edmonton

Many thanks to Edmonton Recorder Society for co-sponsoring the concert, and to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church for the use of their facility.


Our students take advantage of visiting artists to receive extra lessons from performers from all over North America. These lessons are often presented in a masterclass format. A masterclass is when the lesson is also attended by many other students, who all take notes and learn from the individual lessons. Suzuki Institutes provide a unique opportunity for younger and beginner students to experience lessons in masterclasses. Older and more advanced students can often participate in masterclasses and workshops presented by visiting artists through the Edmonton Flute Association and Edmonton Recorder Society.

Recently, one of our  flute students participated in a masterclass at U of A with Paolo Bortolussi.


And our recorder students were able to have a masterclass with members of Flute Alors!


Kiwanis Music Festival

ESFRS Students are encouraged to participate in the Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival when their teachers feel that they are ready to benefit from this experience. What is the Kiwanis Festival? Its an opportunity to play in a concert AND have a lesson at the same time. Here’s how it works:

Students who enter the festival choose to enrol in a class, which is sorted by age, instrument, or playing level. Once the Festival organizers have received all the participants, they schedule the classes to perform in short concerts at various times throughout the day. (Yes, you may have to miss school to participate – but its more fun than a dentist appointment 🙂 ) After each class performs, the adjudicating teacher will them give each performer comments related to their performance, identifying strengths and challenges. Sometimes these comments are verbal, sometimes they take the form of a short lesson. It depends on the adjudicator. The adjudicators are very fine artist teachers who are brought in from out of town. For the 2018 Festival, we will get to perform for the famous Canadian clarinetist James Campbell. This is a wonderful opportunity to get feedback from an excellent musician.

If you want to participate in the Festival, check with your teacher first to see what piece you should prepare to play if it is appropriate for you to participate. Then you go to the Festival website to register on-line or print out the registration form to mail (or scan and e-mail): http://www.edmontonkiwanis.com/musicfest/registration.html#regforms There are links on this site to pay your entry fees as well.

Here are the class numbers that our students will often enter. This is not all of them! Check with your teacher for more possibilities. The Suzuki Flute classes are not part of the provincial festival syllabus, they are special classes for our youngest students that we added at the local level a few years ago when we had Dr. David Gerry come to be the adjudicator :

  • Suzuki Flute 5 + under: K41900
  • Suzuki Flute 6 + under: K41910
  • Suzuki Flute 7 + under: K41920
  • Suzuki Flute 8 + under: K41930
  • Suzuki Flute 9 + under: K41940
  • Suzuki Flute 10 + under: K41950
  • Suzuki Flute 12 + under: K41970
  • Suzuki Flute 14 + under: K41990
  • Recorder Solo Pre Grade 1 standard: 47310
  • Recorder Solo Grade 1-2 standard: 47320
  • Recorder Solo Grade 3-4 standard: 47330
  • Recorder Solo Grade 5-6 standard: 47340
  • Recorder Solo Grade 7-8 standard: 47350
  • Woodwind Solo 12 + under: 48000
  • Woodwind Solo 14 + under: 48010
  • Woodwind Solo 16 + under: 48020
  • Woodwind Solo 18 + under: 48030
  • Flute Solo Pre Grade 1 standard: 41310
  • Flute Solo Grade 1-2 standard: 41320
  • Flute Solo Grade 3-4 standard: 41330
  • Flute Solo Grade 5-6 standard: 41340
  • Flute Solo Grade 7-8 standard: 41350
  • There are other classes for concertos, sonatas, and modern music, as well as special scholarship classes. Consult with your teacher to find out more possibilities. Your group may also participate in a chamber music class.

The grade standards are not the grade you are in at school! They represent the grade level of your chosen piece according to the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus. Check with your teacher to find out what the grade of your piece is.

Some of the classes have a competitive element. The adjudicator will give a percentage mark and declare and first and second place in the class. Others are non-competitive. In non-competitive classes they give ratings such as S (superior) and D (distinction). In this case D is an excellent mark!! (not like on your school report card.)

Student performances from the Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival – April 2015

Winter Recital

Our Winter Recital is held at the end of January. Instead of trying to have a concert in December when everyone is so busy, we save our winter concert for a special January project to get everyone going again after the holiday. Students choose their performance pieces before the holiday, and rehearsals with the pianist are organized during group time the week before the concert. This concert is open to the public. Admission is by donation.

Every student will has an opportunity to play twice – once as a solo and once as part of a unison group. This gives everyone an opportunity to experience going on stage two times.



Celebrate the Season at the Alberta Legislature

Our groups often perform in the Alberta Legislature building during the holiday season. We perform under the rotunda in the main entrance before the grand staircase – a beautiful setting!

In 2016 we were joined by members of the Edmonton Recorder Society for some of the pieces.

Here are some highlights from that performance:

Here’s some highlights from the 2015 performances:

The Silverwinds senior trio playing the Healey Willan setting of the Huron Carol:

A collection of highlights featuring many of our different flute and recorder group combinations:

And from 2012, the senior trio playing Joy to the World:

and a Gavotte by Boismortier:

November Group Concert

At the end of November, our students perform duets, trios, quartets, and other ensemble music that they learn in their group lessons.  The group lessons are an important community building part of our program, and it is in the group lessons where the students learn the skills that will keep them able to play music with their friends throughout their adult lives.

We welcome families who are interested in having lessons with their children. Come to the concert and see what we do! Registration in our program is open year-round. Click here for registration information.

In 2017, our concert was at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. Here are some samples from this event:

Here is the link to the rest of the playlist, if you want to see the whole concert:

In 2016, the concert was at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church. Here is a short selection featuring the Silverwinds playing in 7/8 with a bass flute:

And another selection from 2016, featuring our beginners playing their very first ensemble piece:

In 2015, the concert was at the Strathearn United Church. Here are some highlights from that performance:

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503In 2013 and 2014,  the concert was in the Expressionz Cafe. There were many favourable comments about the coffeehouse setting. Many parents enjoyed being able to sit back with a latte while enjoying the concert. Unfortunately, Expressionz had to close, so in November 2015 we found a new venue. Thank you Expressionz, for hosting us!



Mid Term Mini Concerts

Something new we are trying for the 2017-2018 season: we take the group night in the middle of the term and turn it into a small concert, where we all play for each other instead of having our regular classes.

This is very informal. There is no dress code. Unlike our large recitals that we have in January and June, not everyone will play solos, only those who are recommended by their teacher as having something ready. Each group will play something they have been working on, so every student will have an opportunity perform in their groups.

Since not everyone will be playing a solo, there is no set rehearsal time with a pianist before the concert. Each student is responsible for their own accompaniment. This can be playing as a duet with a teacher, or teachers can play the piano parts. If you are playing a more complex piece that requires a piano specialist to accompany you, you are responsible for arranging a pianist and rehearsing in advance. So even though the concert is more informal, individual students have to take more responsibility for their preparation.

This event is open to the public. Students can invite friends and family. Anyone who is interested in seeing what we do in the ESFRS program is welcome to drop in.


img_5001“Tutti” is an Italian term used in musical scores, which means “everybody plays together”.


The annual Tutti Daimg_4995y event, celebrating Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s birthday, is held in Edmonton in  October every year. Students from Suzuki programs all over the city are invited to come and play together, something that we can easily do thanks to the amount of common repertoire that we share! Most recently, these events have been held at Edmonton City Hall.


The 2017 Tutti Day has been moved to Oct. 1 in order to coincide with Culture Days.


  • 1:15 pm: Orchestra rehearsal
    • – any students participating in Canada 150 should attend at this time for run-through with orchestra
  • 2:30pm everyone else arrives for set-up and tuning
  • 3:00 pm Concert
  • Dress Code: Black ESFRS T shirts, black pants or skirts
  • Music stands required ONLY if you are playing in Canada 150

Here’s the program (flutes & recorders can play the tunes in bold type):

1. Canada 150  – orchestra, Silverwinds & Sweetwoods
2. Minuet No.1 in G+ (BWV822)  – violin/winds
3. Perpetual Motion D+ all lower strings
4. Twinkle Variation A, in A+ — violins, flutes & recorders if we transpose
5. French Folk Song, D+ — lower strings
6. Flute or Recorder solo TBA
7. Lightly Row in A+ — violins
8. Moon Over Ruined Castle in Gminor — cellos, flutes if we transpose
9. Bohemian Folk Song — violas
10.  Song of Wind in A+ — violins
11. Chatter with the Angels — double basses
12.  Hunters’ Chorus in G+ — all who can play in this key
13.  Minuet No.2 in G+ (BWV116) — violins/winds
14.  Twinkle Variation A, in D+ – lower strings & recorders
15. Flute or Recorder solo TBA
16. Long Long Ago & Variation in C Major – cellos, flutes
17.  Allegro in A+, violins
18.  Go Tell Aunt Rhody in D+, lower strings and recorders
19.  Seitz, No.5, 3rd movt — only if violin attendance supports this,
20.  Twinkle Theme in D+ — TUTTI

If there is a tune you can play on this list, plan to come and join us!