Bach in the Subways, March 21 2015

On J.S. Bach’s 330th birthday musicians in 129 cities in 39 countries  united to perform free Bach in subways & public spaces, all day & all night, to share our love for our art form and sow the seeds for future generations of classical music lovers.

A Bachin Sub 2015 - 015In Edmonton,we were at the City Market in City Hall, and at the Churchill LRT station  We started at noon and stopped when we ran out of Bach.

A Bachin Sub 2015 - 030A Bachin Sub 2015 - 077


The flutes, recorders, violins, violas, and cellos played everything from the Anna Magdelena Bach notebook to the Double Concerto for two violins.A Bachin Sub 2015 - 063


The students were from the Suzuki organizations for both string and wind instruments:

Society for Talent Education
Edmonton Suzuki Flute & Recorder Society

Here’s a short video taken by one of our parents: Post.

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