img_5001“Tutti” is an Italian term used in musical scores, which means “everybody plays together”.


The annual Tutti Daimg_4995y event, celebrating Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s birthday, is held in Edmonton in  October every year. Students from Suzuki programs all over the city are invited to come and play together, something that we can easily do thanks to the amount of common repertoire that we share! Most recently, these events have been held at Edmonton City Hall.


The 2017 Tutti Day has been moved to Oct. 1 in order to coincide with Culture Days.


  • 1:15 pm: Orchestra rehearsal
    • – any students participating in Canada 150 should attend at this time for run-through with orchestra
  • 2:30pm everyone else arrives for set-up and tuning
  • 3:00 pm Concert
  • Dress Code: Black ESFRS T shirts, black pants or skirts
  • Music stands required ONLY if you are playing in Canada 150

Here’s the program (flutes & recorders can play the tunes in bold type):

1. Canada 150  – orchestra, Silverwinds & Sweetwoods
2. Minuet No.1 in G+ (BWV822)  – violin/winds
3. Perpetual Motion D+ all lower strings
4. Twinkle Variation A, in A+ — violins, flutes & recorders if we transpose
5. French Folk Song, D+ — lower strings
6. Flute or Recorder solo TBA
7. Lightly Row in A+ — violins
8. Moon Over Ruined Castle in Gminor — cellos, flutes if we transpose
9. Bohemian Folk Song — violas
10.  Song of Wind in A+ — violins
11. Chatter with the Angels — double basses
12.  Hunters’ Chorus in G+ — all who can play in this key
13.  Minuet No.2 in G+ (BWV116) — violins/winds
14.  Twinkle Variation A, in D+ – lower strings & recorders
15. Flute or Recorder solo TBA
16. Long Long Ago & Variation in C Major – cellos, flutes
17.  Allegro in A+, violins
18.  Go Tell Aunt Rhody in D+, lower strings and recorders
19.  Seitz, No.5, 3rd movt — only if violin attendance supports this,
20.  Twinkle Theme in D+ — TUTTI

If there is a tune you can play on this list, plan to come and join us!

Borealis Suzuki Winds Institute 2017

The 2017 Institute featured many guest artist teachers from all over the world!

Music cognition researcher and Suzuki Flute teacher trainer Dr. David Gerry presented public lectures at McEwan University and a training class for teachers.

Christine Hildebrand was here from Germany – she attended the teacher training class and worked with some of our local students.

And the The Fourth Wall was here at the Fringe Festival, so we grabbed them on short notice for a  fantastic workshop!


10th Anniversary Celebration

January 28, 2017

10th anniversary Concert Celebration

Groups performed:

Mixed group with teacher Kathleen Schoen

Recorder group with teacher and pianist Dorothy Beyer

Flute group with teacher Beth Gardner

Soloists also performed on both flute and recorder:

And of course there was cake, and flowers, and general happy celebrations:

In our program, the beginners start out like this:

and end up sounding like this:

Many thanks to photographers Asanka Dissanayaka, Jackie Lalonde, Kelly Komm and Thomas Schoen.

Thanks to Susanna So for organizing and donating the cake.

Thanks to McEwan University for the use of the concert hall.

Thanks to Dorothy Beyer for playing the piano.

Opening Play-in and FREE drop-in beginner class

The first group event of the year is our opening play-in to start the fall term of group classes. All the students gather at the same time to play their known repertoire together. This is an opportunity for the youngest and the oldest students to play together and learn from each other in a multi-level group.

The beginner class, which we call the “Toolbox” class, includes students who have just begun their lessons. Often they will be working on fundamental skills away from the instrument. Since having the instrument is not a requirement to participate in the beginner class, we open it up to any parents with children who would like to try a class to see what it is like.

Group classes are normally on Thursday evenings, but we moved the play-in to the weekend in order to be part of the Alberta Culture Days events. Time and location of this year’s event:

Saturday Oct. 1, 2016 – Nordic Studio A, Arts Barns
  • Beginner drop-in class (anyone can participate) 11:30 am – 12:15 pm
  • Multi-level demonstration class noon – 1 pm
  • Grand march and performance in the Gazebo in McIntyre Park 1 – 2 pm

Check out our listing on the Alberta Culture Days page: click here





Borealis Suzuki Winds Institute 2016


The Canadian Recorder team at the Instrument Olympics


Mixed doubles “breath tennis” at the Instrument Olympics


The highlight of the Institute this year was the “Instrument Olympics”, inspired by the Summer Olympics happening in Rio de Janeiro at the same time.




Events included the Instrument Balance Beam, Feather Float, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Mixed Doubles Breath Tennis, Scale Relays, and Long Note. And of course, every participant received a Gold Medal at the medal ceremony on the last day .



Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastic Recorder Team at the BSWI Instrument Olympics


Gold medal presentation on the last day of the BSWI Instrument Olympics

Edmonton Symphony & Suzuki Flute

all on stageWe performed John Corigliano’s Pied Piper Fantasy with the amazing Carol Wincenc  and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

It was a wonderful opportunity to work with Carol Wincenc – she is a world-class soloist and a teacher at the Julliard School in New York. Our students worked very hard for several weeks of rehearsals to prepare for this event, and performed three times as part of the last concert of the ESO 2015-16 season.


IMG_4285Many thanks to Carol Wincenc for inviting us to play with her, to conductor Bill Eddins for programming the piece on the ESO concert series, to the Edmonton Opera for providing the costumes, and to the ESO Operations Manager, the incredible Jerrold Eilander, who kept it all together backstage and got everyone out on time for our cue!