• Learn to play flute or recorder in an easy, fun, and natural way!
  • Learn to speak the language of music as easily as you learned your native tongue!
  • Develop the ability to play by ear and improvise in a variety of styles at the same time as you receive a thorough classical training and learn to read music.
  • All ages! Beginners can start as young as 3 years up to adults (many parents learn along with their children.)
  • Play in a group from the beginning – ensembles of all levels
  • Already play? Join us anytime! We have a variety of opportunities for all levels of player, beginner to advanced. Fun family time for the littlest ones, international conferences, travel, and performances with local and touring artists for the more advanced players.

How to get started: 

Step 1) Sign up!
Step 2) Come to the group lessons!
  • Group lessons are online now, as a COVID-19 public health precaution. If you want to come and observe a class, send a note to to request the link.
  • Check the calendar for specific days.
  • Beginner? You can join in right away – you don’t need to have an instrument.
  • Not a beginner? Contact our Music Program Director, Kathleen Schoen, for a placement interview.
Step 3) Watch and Learn!