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Openings available for new students.

Join us and learn to play the flute or the recorder in the most easy, fun, and natural way!

All ages, all levels, all successful!


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COVID-19 strategy for ESFRS program

What we do in the ESFRS program:

  • Play flute and recorder.
  • Learn by ear AND read music.
  • Do classical training to be free to play in ALL styles.
  • Do individual AND group lessons – ensembles at all levels.
  • Perform – many opportunities throughout the year.
  • Start as young as 3 years old – but all ages and levels of experience are welcome!
  • Involve the entire family in the music experience.

The Edmonton Suzuki Flute & Recorder program has been operated by a non-profit society since 2007. Read more …

Upcoming Events: 


So we have been hosting our the recitals as a Zoom meetings for the last two years, ever since the pandemic started.

  • Disadvantages: no piano accompaniment, sound is not the same as live.
  • Advantages: we can invite all our our of town friends and relatives who would otherwise not be able to attend!

We are planning to very cautiously include an in person component to our Spring Recital in June – watch your emails for more details as we work this out

Group classes:

Our group class offerings and schedule have shifted in response to the realities of having our classes on line.

  • Toolbox & Repertoire groups:
    • now meet on Saturday morning at 11 am, as part of the S.T.E.P. class program offered by the ESFRS affiliated Schoen Duo studio.
  • Reading groups:
    • still on Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm
  • Silverwinds / Sweetwoods:
    • after doing a few really interesting modern pieces that were composed to be played over the Internet, we have now taken our usual 7:00 pm Thursday time as an opportunity for extra coaching for various audition and solo performance projects.

Past Events: 

Contemporary Showcase
First Suzuki Convention in Cancun, Mexico:
Bach in the Subways:
Celebrate the Season at the Alberta Legislature
Fall Groups Concert:
Summer Institute :
10th Anniversary celebration:

What do we do?

Our program of instruction follows the Suzuki approach for flute and recorder. This method emphasizes starting young, having parents learn along with their children, developing the ear, and ensemble playing, in addition to having individual lessons.  Read more…

Join us!

You can start immediately! Beginners join our  group classes as soon as you register. While you are having fun learning with the group, you can observe a number of individual lessons, meet the teachers, choose your instrument and schedule your personal lesson time. We take beginners year-round, you don’t have to wait until September.

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