All ESFRS policies adhere to the Suzuki Association of the Americas Aspirational Code of Ethics

The Suzuki Flute & Recorder program began with one teacher, who at that time was the only SAA registered flute teacher west of Ontario and the the only SAA registered recorder teacher in all of Canada. As the program grew, the number of students exceeded the capacity of one teacher, and there was a continually  increasing demand for Suzuki method instruction  More teachers were required, but SAA training courses were not available locally. There was a need for a program that would either subsidize teachers to travel for training, or to bring training opportunities to Edmonton.

The Edmonton Suzuki Flute & Recorder Society was incorporated as non-profit society in the province of Alberta in 2007. Its mandate is to support both individual and group instruction for students and provide training opportunities for teachers. Every student family and teacher becomes a member of the Society upon payment of the membership fee.

The Board of Directors monitors the operations of the program to ensure that they follow the guidelines for non-profit societies. All Board meetings are open to any member of the ESFRS. Musical, pedagogical, and operational direction is provided by the Music Program Director.

There is a yearly Annual General Meeting which is attended by one representative of each family registered in the program. The yearly budget and program recommendations are presented to the membership at this time for discussion and approval. At this time new members of the Board of Directors will be elected from the membership as required.