Institute: Teacher Programs

SAA Teacher training: 


with Fabio dos Santos, Suzuki Association of the Americas Teacher Trainer

  • Friday Aug 12 – Tuesday Aug 16
  • Filosofia is a deep dive into the underlying principles of Suzuki philosophy and how to implement them.
  • Filosofia can serve as an alternative pre-requisite to Every Child Can! for further Suzuki instrumental teacher training.
  • This course will be taught in English

Teaching Strategies*

for Flute, Recorder, Violin, and Viola:

with Fabio dos Santos and Kathleen Schoen, Suzuki Association of the Americas Teacher Trainers

  • Friday August 19 – Sunday August 21
  • Teacher participants will bring sample videos of lessons they have taught with their students for presentation and discussion. Video length should be approximately 20m (or two shorter segments of 10m each.) Students can be working on repertoire of any level.
  • This course will be taught in English

* Teaching Strategies has been a mandatory part of the teacher training program in Latin America for many years. Whenever I travel to festivals in Peru and Ecuador to teach this class, I see such positive transformation from the teachers! I am very excited that the SAA is extending this course to the teachers North America, and I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone!

– Kathleen Schoen