Media Release

All ESFRS policies adhere to the Suzuki Association of the Americas Aspirational Code of Ethics

This media release is included in the ESFRS registration form, and all student families agree to this release as part of their registration for the program.

As part of the teacher certification process, the Suzuki Association of the Americas requires that teachers submit videotapes of their students and parents in lessons and recitals. To facilitate this process for the teachers, most recitals and many lessons and workshops are videotaped.  Excerpts from this video library of student performances may also be used as examples in beginner parent sessions, teacher training, or to promote the activities of the ESFRS. If there is an objection to these uses of audio and /or video images of a student or parent, please notify the Music Director at

Registration in the program implies acceptance and permission for the use of audio and/or video images of a student and his/her parent unless notified otherwise.