Students develop self-confidence and pride in their work  by participating in numerous performance opportunities during the year.

The first performance of any student is the “First Bow” at the Winter Recital. The act of stepping up to the stage, looking at the audience, acknowledging the applause and taking a bow is taught as a separate skill. Actually performing a piece of music in that situation comes later, when the student’s comfort with his skills on the instrument permit a confident performance.

This step-by-step approach to performance, with an emphasis on reviewing known pieces to perform within the student’s comfort zone, is a key component to the success of the Suzuki method. Students never play the piece they just learned – they are learning new pieces but performing ones that they have known and been reviewing for weeks.

For a detailed list of performance events, see the Events page.

For a more detailed description of how review of past repertoire, many small performance opportunities, and group classes all work together to create confident performers, click this link for details.