Group Classes

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“In the classroom there are private lessons and group lessons. Parents who do not understand children think they are paying for the private lessons and that the group lessons are just recreation periods. So although they make sure that their children attend the private lessons, they often fail to bring them to the group lessons. But the fact is that what the children enjoy most is the group playing. They play with children who are more advanced than they are; the influence is enormous and is marvelous for their training. This is the real talent education.” – Shinichi Suzuki

The skills developed in group class will help our students make music a part of the rest of their adult lives: sensitivity to others, teamwork, and flexibility, as well as the ability to play a musical instrument at a high level.

Group classes are held weekly on Thursday evenings.

There are four levels of group:

(end times are approximate – we may take an extra few minutes  at the end of a class to overlap with the next one and play something together):

  1. Toolbox: (5:00 – 6:00 pm) This is where we learn to play the instrument. (Toolbox songs through Go tell Aunt Rhody)
  2. Repertoire: (5:45 – 6:45 pm) This is where we learn to play together. (Go Tell Aunt Rhody through Minuets)
  3. Reading: (6:30 – 7:45 pm) This is where we keep track of our part by reading a score. (Minuets up to the end of Book 2 and into Book 3, recommendation of individual teacher for reading competence)
  4. Silverwinds & Sweetwoods: (7:30 – 9:00 pm) students who fulfill the following criteria may play with these special performing groups:
    • they are in Grade 7 or higher (selected grade 6 students may be invited if they meet all the other requirements)
    • demonstrate reliable attendance at group classes
    • are in Book 3 (selected Book 2 students may be invited if they have strong reading and ensemble skills)
    • read music fluently
There are three terms of group classes:
  1. Fall:         October & November – approximately 8 weeks
  2. Winter:    February & March – approximately 7 weeks:
  3. Spring:    April & May – approximately 4 weeks

Group classes are held at:

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 10014 – 81 Ave NW

Check the calendar for specific dates and times, and locations.

Each term ends with a performance  event for all  the groups, which is also on Thursday evening whenever possible.

See Events for descriptions, and Calendar for specific dates for the current year.

Attendance policy:
Any students who persistently do not attend group class may be asked to not register for the program the following year, in order to make a space available to a student on the waiting list who will attend group classes.