Home Practice

“You are going to play the music of great composers, and you must try to catch their hearts in the music. You must practice every day to catch the feelings of others without words.  If you practice every day, watching not to harm anyone by what you say, and also trying to catch how they feel, then you will develop sensitivity toward the feelings of others.  … You will also catch the hearts of Bach and Mozart in their music.” – Shinichi Suzuki

Home practice is for developing skill.

  • Skill to play the instrument.
  • Confidence in your skill.
  • Understanding of the process of developing skill.

Home practice is the key to success in the program.

Home practice includes:

  • Listening to the reference recording
  • Following your teacher’s practice assignment
  • Doing this every day

We provide multiple resources to help make practicing with your child fun and easy.

  • Parent classes
  • Parent resource website
  • One on one consultation with the teachers during lessons
  • Community events where you can network with other parents

If you can find 5 minutes a day to commit to spending time with your child at the beginning, you can begin a successful home practice program.