Parent Participation

Parent involvement is an important element in the success of the Suzuki method program.
Parent classes give parents the understanding and tools they need to be the best possible home practice coach. “When can my child practice by himself?” is a frequently asked question. If parents have a full understanding of the learning process, they will know when to offer help and when to recognize when their children are ready to work things out on their own.
Attendance at the Every Child Can! class is a requirement of registration in the ESFRS program.

All families registered in the ESFRS program are welcome at any of the beginner parent classes, no matter how long you have been involved in the program, any time you feel you need a “refresher” or some new practice tips! Your one-time beginner fee covers you for this for as long as you stay in the program.

Every Child Can!  is the introductory course in the basics of the Suzuki approach to music education. This course is offered locally at regular intervals by our local SAA Teacher Trainer, Kathleen Schoen, and is also available at other locations through other Suzuki schools and Institutes.  To find the time & location of the next class in your area, click on this link for a comprehensive list of all ECC! classes being offered in North and South America.

Every Child Can! – list of upcoming classes

For local classes, ESFRS  will pay your tuition (this is one of the things covered by your beginner tuition deposit). If you have registered for lessons through ESFRS and choose to take the ECC! class through another organization, contact the ESFRS Music Director to arrange for a subsidy (since different organizations charge different amounts for the class, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cover the entire tuition for you.)