Students are invited to prepare special recording and performance projects when they reach certain levels in the repertoire for their respective instruments. This provides

  • a clear goal for repertoire review,
  • a celebration of student accomplishment,
  • and an opportunity to develop critical objective listening through the use of recordings.

The recording submission deadline is the the last Thursday of December before the winter holiday break.

The performance takes place at the Groups & Grads concert in February.

See the Calendar for specific dates for this year: ESFRS Calendar

Here are the lists of levels and required pieces for each instrument:

All selections on the recording need to be played with the accompaniment. If you don’t have access to a piano or a pianist, you can record them with your teacher playing a duet part or the bass line, or use an accompaniment program like Smart Music, or play along with the accompaniment CD.

Recordings can be either audio or video. They must be submitted in a format that can be shared (links to online content such as YouTube or Dropbox; standard mp3, mp4, or mov files on a USB stick; or CD or DVD)